For a guy who loves running, Christophe knows that passion, commitment and determination can take you far… and not just in sports. He relies on his energy and drive to propel him forward in all areas of his life, including his professional pursuits. Christophe finds it truly satisfying and greatly rewarding to develop brands that contribute in their own way to happier, healthier people all around the world… and Swissline is most definitely one of those brands.

Explaining what drives and inspires him:

I thrive in multicultural environments and I have a passion for international brand development. Having worked in many different countries, where beauty is defined by cultural and social constructs, I ascribe to the belief that beauty can mean at times many different things to many different people. That being said, the health of the skin is the common denominator regardless of your definition of beauty.

Christophe spent most of his formative years travelling extensively with his parents – both physicians – and his siblings. This experience instilled in him a long-standing curiosity about other cultures and a profound interest in the science behind wellness.

Being exposed at a young age to the world of medicine, Christophe became intrigued by formulations and ingredients. With an eye for detail, not to mention an aesthetic sensibility that can only come from being French, Christophe naturally gravitates towards the precision for which Switzerland is renowned.

Christophe embarked on his globetrotting career in the luxury arena after graduating from a top business school in France and then honing his strategic skills at Accenture (one of the leading international consulting companies).

He has lived in 3 continents while taking on various business development assignments for some of the leading luxury brands (Dior, Prada and Chalhoub). Having settled down in Zurich five year ago, he is keen to harness his entrepreneurial spirit to further build the Swissline brand.

With regards to his personal health and wellness, Christophe takes a holistic approach. He believes a healthy body and mind have overarching effects. He likes to do sports with his wife and kids and is an avid reader. Christophe places great importance on achieving a work-life balance, not just for himself… but for the Swissline team, as well.

Simply stated, he believes: A happy team equates to a happy brand… and a happy brand is a beautiful thing.

When it comes to his own skincare beliefs and practices, Christophe seeks superior products with proven results and not a lot of fuss. For him, "less is more"; straightforward rituals and solutions are the way to go. So, it comes as no surprise that the new Age Intelligence products really resonate with him.

One of the reasons why we are all so excited at Swissline about Age Intelligence, is its simplicity… all you have to do is add a few drops of these potent boosters to whatever cream you already have at home for some impressive results. It is a powerful and simple concept… a clear-cut approach to high-end skincare…

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