Although Swissline is a luxury Swiss skincare brand whose customers often face first world problems, we are committed to making a positive social impact on the world around us. To achieve this, we have teamed-up with three Swiss-based organizations that are helping us make a difference.


In our home country of Switzerland we are blessed with an abundance of fresh clean water… but not everyone, everywhere is so lucky. Tapping into this natural resource, DRINK & DONATE, a non-profit association based in Zurich, provides clean drinking water for those in need. Their approach is straightforward: drink locally, act globally.


*Photo is kindly provided by Helvetas project in Nepal

*Photo is kindly provided by Helvetas project in Nepal

DRINK & DONATE works with local restaurants, hotels and concert venues who sell Zuriwasser (Swiss tap water) in DRINK & DONATE branded bottles and carafes, with proceeds going to DRINK & DONATE funded water projects around the globe. They also work with select corporate sponsors, including Swissline, who purchase water footprint certificates on behalf of their corporate employees.

The money raised from the sale of DRINK & DONATE water and the water footprints support projects selected by Swiss aid organizations Helvetas, Skat Foundation and waterkiosk foundation.


Swissline is all about empowering women and giving them the confidence to be their best selves. To this end, we have partnered with Momentum Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organization that fosters education and advances equality for women by helping them build essential skills and achieve sustainable financial independence.

Working with Momentum, Swissline has helped to raise funds, generated by the sale of products on our web site, to support local Rhawandan association, Muhisimbi Voice of Youth in Conservation, a lifeline for vulnerable teenage mothers. Its goal is to protect the young women and reinsert them into the community by sponsoring vocational training, such as sewing classes, that enable them to make a living.


Not everyone is created from the same perfect mold, but we are all perfect in our own way. Removing the stigma and the barriers for disabled people, Ateliers St-Hubert reintegrates persons with disabilities into the workforce. They provide jobs in outsourcing and servicing companies, including those at a management level, for over 300 disabled people. The jobs revolve around packaging, printing, business services, e-commerce, etc.

Swissline has been working with Ateliers St-Hubert since 2011. Its workforce helps to assemble the components for various Swissline products.

One of the jobs the workers at Atelier St-Hubert recently helped us with was our collaboration with the UK Fashion Awards. They affixed stickers to 80 Resurfacing Water boxes that were placed in the VVIP gift bags at the prestigious event.

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