Custodio likes a good story… and has been telling them in beauty industry circles for 30 years. Having worked for Chanel, Elizabeth Arden and La Prairie, as well as Swissline for the last 12 years, he knows the industry inside out. Building on his management experience in the fields of marketing and education, he has presented his fair share of product-related stories in Europe, the Middle East & Asia. With an insightful vision when it comes to developing skincare products, and a passion both for the ingredients and the biology of the skin.

"While collaborating with Swissline, I achieved my dream of bringing product ideas to life with the support of our chemists, explains Custodio. In some way, I like to think that I went from being a story teller in my previous jobs, to a… science teller. Joining a team of scientists - while not being one yourself - gives you an edge in terms of creativity because you don’t have to always keep both feet on the lab's floor… the chemists will do that for you! In Switzerland, probably more than anywhere else on the planet, products are formulated with strict respect for the skin we were born in."

He elaborates on the “science-teller” path:

"When I joined Swissline in 2007, we were focused on a new formulation genre addressing the needs of those having either undergone aesthetic procedures or planning to do so. This new genre needed to embody a positive message about aging, and peel away antiquated terminology such as anti-wrinkle, anti-sagging, anti-this and anti-that, and provide a more contemporary style revolving around “well-aging”! Because skin has an endless power of self-recovery, it will ingeniously defy the signs of aging by itself; if only given the right food."

The collection was later named Age Intelligence™, as it provides a directive on how to outsmart the signs of skin aging. But even more, it implies these formulas benefit from the input of various doctors and aesthetic surgeons in Switzerland who provide INTELLIGENCE, in other words, “insider information,” that gives these formulas a boost.

"When you apply Age Intelligence™ products for the first time you’ll immediately sense a difference, explains Custodio. Somehow the skin recognises the formulas, first and foremost, as something friendly. It always brings a smile to my face knowing this is the result of the intelligence we gathered from our “secret service.” With so much of the same-old, same-old, boring skincare out there, it is wonderful to see we can stand out from the crowd. Because of its personality, Age Intelligence will most likely always be my favourite child."

Father of two, a firm believer in biology as a model for all forms of wisdom, passionate about cinema, Custodio lives in Zurich with his four parrots and a library devoted to his colourful, winged friends… some books dating back as far as 1830!

Custodio explains his fascination with parrots:

"The history of the relationship between men and parrots is that of the clash between two intelligent species, in which the feathered flock lost, immensely. Parrots are today the most endangered family of birds in the wild, with many species facing the threat of extinction, partly due to the illegal pet trade."

An active member of the World Parrot Trust, Custodio invites you to visit www.parrots.org and learn more.

World Parrot Trust

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